About Cindy

I am passionate about creating lasting families of lasting wealth
Although my parents had an elaborate estate plan to transfer their financial assets their death eight months apart destroyed our family. It’s been less than fifteen years since they passed and the majority of the real estate they spent a life time accumulating is already gone.

The dreams my parents had for their family are shattered. All because they didn’t know what they didn’t know. But, there is a ray of hope.
To protect my children’s future, I researched successful wealth transfers and implemented what I learned. My husband and I are investing in the next generation, and together, we are growing the gift my parents left so my grandchildren and their grandchildren will benefit from the sacrifices my parents made. My heart is happy.
So that others can avoid the pain I suffered, I shared my story and the secrets I learned in the Cur$e of Inheritance, The Legacy Family Way, and CRACKING the Inheritance Code.
My first book, My Camino, My Life, is a memoir of my 500 mile walk across Spain to complete the Camino de Santiago. This journey was the birthplace of The Legacy Revolution.
Now, we are helping people like you join the 1% club. Take it from someone who has been there, it’s not too late.
If you are reading this, there is hope for you, too.
Traditional estate planning is the starting point. Legacy Planning is the next step.
I believe the best way to help people is by working with them where they are to discover and implement a customized plan to quickly impact their lives now and secure their family’s long term future.

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